Thursday, April 15th, 2021


Nicole loves being a part of a winning team, and with her work ethic it’s not coincidental that she’s often found herself a major part of them throughout her life.  At a young age, she gravitated towards athletics, where she competed in and coached track & field at an elite level. Discipline, dedication, sportsmanship, accountability and confidence are all areas that Nicole admires about teamwork and athletics, it’s her belief that ‘we can all accomplish more collectively than we can individually’ and her clients couldn’t agree more!

Nicole’s impressive educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts from Wilfrid University, a Marketing Diploma from Mohawk College and a Post Graduate Certificate in International Business Management from Mohawk College.  Nicole is also certified by the Forum for International Trade Training (FITT), making her a diverse individual who offers expertise in many avenues!

Having owned her own upscale consignment store, Nicole is a born entrepreneur. Nicole understands the commitment and dedication required to start a business from the ground up, and what it takes to successfully operate and grow a business. Currently owning her own building and having extensive experience in property management, Nicole has a strong knowledge of the Residential Tenancies act, and dealing with the Landlord and Tenant Board.  She has also been involved in Commercial transactions adding to the depth of her portfolio.

It is Nicole’s drive, passion and empathy, alongside her emphasis on the importance on relationships, that make her such an asset to our team.  Her diverse skillset, determination, and compassion ensure that her clients consistently experience outstanding results.